Schwartz Law Office, PLC

Schwartz Law Office, PLC

Schwartz Law Office, PLC

Schwartz Law Office, PLC

Areas of Emphasis

Residential Real Estate Transactions

Important Areas for Legal Guidance in Real Estate Transactions
The Schwartz Law Office can assist in offering timely, experienced and thoughtful evaluation and advice regarding residential real estate transactions. Whether you are buying or selling a full time residence or vacation home, Schwartz Law Office can assist in areas including but not limited to:

  1. Review of contracts for deadlines, issues and contingencies and revision of same.
  2. Review of title work for items such as title defects, easements, taxes, restrictions and Closing requirements.
  3. Review of a survey for encroachments, boundary problems, zoning compliance issues, and other matters.
  4. The need for zoning approvals allowing the desired use of the property.
  5. Review of Condominium or Private Association Rules/Regulations, assessments, and possible limitations on use of the property.


Land Use and Development (including Condominium Development and Association Representation)


Vacation Home Acquisitions

Land Division Approvals

Property Tax Appeals

Environmental issues pertaining to Acquisition of Real Estate (including High Risk Erosion and Critical Dune Permitting), and Quiet Title and Boundary Litigation.

Title Insurance Problems

Survey Issues and Boundary Problems

Preparation of Deeds

Land Contracts

Municipal Hearings Including Zoning Variances, Special Use Permits and Re-Zoning

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